Who We Are

Plain Jane Designers is a haven for those who find beauty in simplicity. We are a collective of designers and enthusiasts who believe that the most impactful designs are often the simplest. Our platform celebrates the minimalist design philosophy, advocating for spaces and products that prioritize functionality without sacrificing elegance

In a world cluttered with excess, Plain Jane Designers seeks to pare things down to their essence. We embrace the principle that "less is more" and show our readers how this philosophy can be applied not just in their living spaces but in every aspect of their lives.

What You'll Find Here

Minimalist Interiors: From Scandinavian simplicity to Zen-inspired tranquility, explore how minimalism can transform your living spaces.

Design Essentials: Learn about the core principles of minimalist design and how to incorporate them into your projects and lifestyle.

Product Reviews: Discover products that embody the minimalist ethos, offering functionality, simplicity, and beauty.

DIY Guides: Get hands-on with our DIY projects that demonstrate how to declutter spaces and create minimalist designs on a budget.

Lifestyle Tips: Minimalism extends beyond design. We offer tips on adopting a minimalist lifestyle for a more focused and fulfilling life.

Join us on this journey of discovering elegance in simplicity. At Plain Jane Designers, we believe that by stripping away the unnecessary, we can uncover the beauty and clarity that lies beneath.